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Thanks again to Lynn and Pletcha for honoring me as Author of the Week. I write humorous memoirs. One of my books has sold around 120,000 copies (print copies and ebooks). So if anyone has questions, I am happy to answer. I don't have experience in self-publishing, but I am pretty good at the writing aspect.

Hey guys, I'm doing Author Interviews on my website again. Why? Because I LOVE books and the authors who write them...and there is ALWAYS a story behind the story and that's the story I want to hear. :)

I grew up with a large SFF library in the house. My mother just sent me some snapshots of one room in her place where the library got moved to, so if you want a hint of my childhood:

I am honored and grateful to be interviewed by Uvi Poznansky Author @UviPoznansky
with @EichinChangLim
Author of THE LOVELOCK … … …

Free download this weekend: Layla doesn't like being called a vampire. She's just a woman with a disease desperately looking for a cure...

I deliberated long and hard before making the decision to become an Indie Author. The biggest selling point for me was that I wanted to be true to my stories without the pressure of conforming to market trends.

Hello to everyone. I'm Kev, and new here. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing yet, but that's the main drawback of being a techno-dunce.

I'm the author of the Haszard series of dark comedy mysteries, and I run a weekly humorous and cynical blog.

Hopefully I'll find my way around, but with me, being me, it's a case of the blind following the bonkers.

I may even work out how to get it on my phone, but I'm not holding my breath.

The book waits in the pile.
They're lined up single file.
It wants to come home with you.
It's a gem among the few.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

Open the book to see.
How much fun it can be.
To explore the unknown.
Do I hear a big groan?
Just you wait and see
how right I can be.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

Is this banner better than the one before? They both refer to reading.

"The LoveLock: A Suspenseful and Sensual Love Story" is coming soon. Stay tuned.

"The LoveLock: A suspenseful and Sensual Love Story" is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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