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Lullaby: $.99

Monte Vista Village: Free

The Beginning at the End of the World: Free

Moving Mountains: $.99

Frozen Webs: $.99

Wanderers on the Winds: $.99

Mechaniclism: Free

Tubby little Tina isn't too impressed about the three editions of my book.
Sarah and Legion: I actually dedicated this book to phosgene, a toxic gas that I accidentally generated in the lab one day and which lead me to start writing as a coping mechanism for anxiety from my day-job as a chemist. The story of Sarah and Legion practically exploded out of me with the entire novel being written in 3 weeks.

That sinking pit of fear which enters your heart when your grandma says she picked up a copy of your book and you remember the sex scene you added on page 168...

Planning a vacation this Memorial Day weekend?
Visit the world of Alice Davies. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll wonder what planet you're on.

FOUR O'CLOCK ALICE is on sale now!
Grab your copy of this "suspenseful, intriguing, captivating adventure" here πŸ‘‰

Hey guys, I'm doing Author Interviews on my website again. Why? Because I LOVE books and the authors who write them...and there is ALWAYS a story behind the story and that's the story I want to hear. :)

Thanks again to Lynn and Pletcha for honoring me as Author of the Week. I write humorous memoirs. One of my books has sold around 120,000 copies (print copies and ebooks). So if anyone has questions, I am happy to answer. I don't have experience in self-publishing, but I am pretty good at the writing aspect.

🎻"I cradled her blue face and rocked her in a macabre, soundless lullaby of the dead. As the others tried to help, I protected her from their sight. It was a moment that should have been privateβ€”not shared with gawkers."

Having fun with current WIP, a set of short stories. In one, a man accidentally opens portal to hell. First, the ghost of a woman comes out and thanks him for rescuing her. Then a nasty demon comes out. Just as the man thinks the demon will kill him, he begs the man to not tell Lucifer that the woman has escaped and explained she was a serial killer locked in hell for a good reason. The man then proceeds to help the demon in hunting down the woman before she can start killing again.

β€œElf Killers is about death … and life. Seriously imaginative (especially troll-speak!) and gritty in action and battle, this is worth a read … but be prepared! Oh, be prepared. I dare you to grab a copy!” 2.99

Let your imagination soar to new heights with a complete for a mere

β€œWow! I love dystopian novels and this book was amazing. Some really great writing and the story flowed. If you enjoyed the Wizard of Oz, The Hunger Games and LOTR then you'll love this book”. WHAM! 2.99

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