(Honest problem) Wife hands over her phone saying "how should I respond to this?" Her aunt texted her "Why is your husband sharing all those horrible books? I don't read any of that terrible stuff!" and this is how I came to find out that her aunt follows my FB page. My wife was laughing until she saw that I was nearly in tears. What I write is graphic. It's not for kids. It's not for grandma. My wife bears the brunt of it. People have asked her how she can allow me to write such things.

I told her to just let her aunt know that she had passed along the word, which she tactfully did. My wife took my hands and said "I know why you write* and I don't care what my seventy year old aunt thinks about it." I apologized for anything I have done to humiliate her and she said "One of the things I have been learning is that our family comes first. This is what you need to do." My wife is so wonderful.

(* - Its a coping mechanism to deal with my phobia of chemicals in the lab)


I share this here just because I have to tell someone. Apology for the long thread. Not sure if others have had similar experiences.

@JSGarner I'm glad that you decided to share this here because you've given me the opportunity to maybe help you. You are an author, James! There will be those who love your work, your fans, and those who are indifferent but in either case you should never be made to feel that you need to apologize or be embarrassed about your writing. You've been given a gift. The ability to touch people through your imagination. It's an amazing accomplishment to write a book.

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