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KIRKUS: "Dazzling, richly textured YA debut!"
"This is a rare it for your young teens, and be prepared to talk about this book on a long car ride." Goodreads
100+ 5★ Reviews on Amazon
KIRKUS: "A dazzling, richly textured YA debut."

Technical question for the hive-mind: I had a swank picture on this chapter which somewhere in the magic of KDP file conversion disappeared and was replaced with a red "X" all the other pics are cool which is odd. Anyone else experience this? Thoughts on causes?

As a side note, the red, broken-link "X" ironically works for the chapter, since its a chapter about not falling in love with robots because they are dumb machines.

The Cleopatra (UBL, Amazon

[Sophie said] "...I want you to have an active role in this, embrace your future before you succumb to it. I want you to unsheathe the woman who will have her first taste of your delicious body.” I swallowed hard, trying to keep my heart out of my throat. I could barely keep my fingers from fumbling as I lay hold of the two delicate slices of fabric intersecting either side of her thighs.

Me "why advertise on a Monday. People only buy my books on the weekend"

Also me "Post a snippet. This time will be different"

Your path has already been chosen for you. How you walk upon it is still up to you. -

Me (explaining portion of WIP to my wife) "... so the girl in the act of committing suicide agrees to let the ghost of the serial killer possess her body because she's 'done using it' and then he uses her body to murder her father before launching a crime spree."

Wife (with a concerned far off distant stare whispers to herself): "It's ok. Steven King is a normal person."

Anyone else have loved ones get concerned about what you write?

"My Lady....Did you forget the people who died for you?"

She froze. The impact hit her in the chest like a clap of thunder. She grimaced in pain that felt like a stone broke in two. Her heart wrenched and twisted in different directions. All the memories flooded her mind behind the eyes. She clawed her head screaming as tears trailed her face.

YellowStone Protocol: A Pandemic of One (UBL, Amazon

"Fairy dust is real and makes for an intriguing read: Readers are taken on a fantasy adventure and into a suspense ride as a cure is needed to keep worlds in balance. I didn't read the first book in this series, but felt like this book stands alone. Although, readers should probably grab all books by this author... All I have read are recommended."

I'm running a promotion for my fantasy romance THE MOON ETHERIUM today -- $0.99!

On a quest to free his father from slavery, Prince Mirohirokon enlists Ardent’s aid. Bound by duty, she agrees to help; soon the duo is swept up in betrayal and intrigue—with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.


There's another book in the series (and others in the works), but this (and subsequent books) are all standalone romances with an HEA and no cliffhangers. :)

Anyone else get more excited for the 30 cents they make from selling an ebook than for their few thousand dollar paycheck from their dayjob?

The YellowStone Chronicles (UBL, Amazon

This books is am epic of immense proportions. Spanning history of the pre-Roman fairy-pixie wars, the ransaking of Roanoke, the post American civil war treaty of Yellowstone, and the late 1990s, when a clueless teenager discovers how his heritage ties him to these events and that his life is in danger because of it. The backstory of Layla and Yellowstone Protocol.

A broadly immersive tale of fairies, assassins, vampires, neo-nazis, and unicorns set in modern-day America. As protectors of nature, fairies view the complete destruction of mankind in a generally favorable light despite the ancient treaties preventing them from taking action. When a fairy-made biological weapon is released, it is a clandestine race to prevent an all out war.

YellowStone Protocol: A Pandemic of One (UBL, Amazon

Plugging away at current WIP: "Scythe-edge dancer" when the angel of death shows up late and drunk to collect the soul of a serial killer, she is forced to rely on human conscripts to recapture him from the clutches of "the woman in the ugly cat sweater" who had inexplicably collected his soul before her. Yes, this book is as weird as it sounds. No, it is not nanowrimo, due to poor planning, I started mid-October.

Being a vampire is of no help to Layla at all...

...actually, it kind of sucks.

The Legend of Layla (UBL, Amazon

Nothing scares Canadians as much as Christian terrorists coming up from the second-civil-war torn remains of America.

Bistro Afterlife: Smell of War (UBL, Amazon

The lottery is a great way to make money, unless you win...

...then you're dinner.

Bistro Viande: Taste of Life (UBL, Amazon

The only difference between demons and angels is the choices they make...

Lauren finds that to be little comfort.

The Gospel of Lizzie (UBL, Amazon

Luke really doesn't have time to get involved in the war between heaven and hell...

...unfortunately he also doesn't have a choice.

Soul-Eater (UBL, Amazon

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