Love this 5 Star Review. Read Leonard Tillerman's review in its entirety on his website:
"I found the plot of this novel to be totally engaging and enthralling ... The reader cannot help but be emotionally entranced as they read each passing page with mouth agape!"

@JackyDahlhaus how nice of you β™₯️ I love people who are nice to creatures!!

Beautiful. And thank you for helping it. Bees are the keys to our future.

I found this old bumble bee with a broken wing in my garden. It wandered about aimlessly, so I put it on my strawberry flowers. I think it was hungry πŸ˜„

@JackyDahlhaus Thanks, Jackie! β™₯️ Unless, we loose all the honey bees! Then it's curtains for everybody and everything! SAD!!!!

@JackyDahlhaus Lol! Fingers crossed that's not the case where BookBeez is concerned, and the other situation--that surely is a big problem!

@JackyDahlhaus I am waiting for machine learning algos to start being trained on bad puns and polka music.

This would give us Weird AI.

/me shows himself out

Now Available from stores other than Amazon, Portal-Walker: A Transdimensional Tale.

The story is from a dream my wife (who was a very good sport about posing for the cover shot and did a spectacular job considering this was literally a 5-min shoot with a cellphone taken over my lunch-break) had one night about balancing career and motherhood, when your career is helping celebrities escape paparazzi by crossing dimensions. Enjoy.

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