A Vampire, a curse, a prophecy, a white wolf. Will Natasha be the chosen one, to break the Curse?
Find out at relinks.me/B07B11HBHT
Everything can change, even when you think you will get the victory
Courage replaces fear when the heart needs it
Survive as the only objective of a race, revenge as the only answer

First review for Claws and Fangs. Do you like Vampires and werewolves? Do you like medieval stories? Travel from England in the 14th century to the 21st century in the Yellowstone Nature Park. # fantasybooks # bookbeez relinks.me/B07B11HBHT

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I want to share a review, which I have done today, of the first chapter of my book. You can read it on my blog, choosing your language javierpinacruzblog.wordpress.c

I'm an author and co-creator (w/Pletcha PJ Webb) of this site!
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When KITTY CORNERED was published in 2012, it was an alternate monthly selection for the Mystery Guild Book Club, even though it isn't a mystery. They published a hardcover edition just for the book club. Tina and Maynard weren't overjoyed about posing with it.

Here's a link to the regular ol' paperback edition on Amazon.

99¢ the rest of the year, friends! Get it today for a long read of a sweeping story about love, war and romance. myBook.to/TMED-VL

I throw myself into the arms of morpheus. Goodnight😴

It influenced me:
Anne Rice, for her way of creating vampires.
World of darkness by the form of the werewolf
Jean M Auel for his way of Narrating

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