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The only difference between demons and angels is the choices they make...

Lauren finds that to be little comfort.

The Gospel of Lizzie (UBL, Amazon

The lottery is a great way to make money, unless you win...

...then you're dinner.

Bistro Viande: Taste of Life (UBL, Amazon

Being a vampire is of no help to Layla at all...

...actually, it kind of sucks.

The Legend of Layla (UBL, Amazon

My friend and I are hosting this event to get people to vote and do one act of kindness. Please click the link and then click going if you would like to show us support.
Please join us on November 6th for A Day of Kindness and Change! I think it's something we all need right now. πŸ’—
Any retweets and shares are appreciated! Thank you!

Love this 5 Star Review. Read Leonard Tillerman's review in its entirety on his website:
"I found the plot of this novel to be totally engaging and enthralling ... The reader cannot help but be emotionally entranced as they read each passing page with mouth agape!"

Looking for a chilling seasonal read? πŸŽƒ
Lullaby of the Dead is the book for you! πŸ‚
Killers and Ghosts and Monsters, Oh, My!πŸ”ͺπŸ‘» πŸ‘½

Holy City, Holy Crap!
How would a real life cult behave in the hear-after?
Find out in Dissonance of the Dead (currently in editing).
Read Lullaby of the Dead now:

This is a great opportunity to find new readers!
Authors & Bloggers Only.✍️
We have added a few more social media sites for people to follow you for a chance to win. We now cover:
You'll be prompted to answer a few simple questions.
Please read the info below carefully before joining.
Join us here:

Author and artist. Writes historical, mystery, and post-apocalyptic fiction with a twist. Paints seascapes in watercolours. - 'one of the most profoundly affecting books you'll read.' the women of Auschwitz - a fictional tales inspired by a terrible truth.

Welcome to the Hive, @RebeccaBryn 🐝

We’re excited to hear about you. Jump in and introduce yourself!

Here’s a great link to help get you started:

Happy Autumn!
β˜•οΈ βž• πŸ‘ βž• πŸ“– = Priceless
Check out best-selling author, Lynn Lamb
πŸ‘“ Read the book reviews πŸ‘€
πŸ“šGrab the books:

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