@mastohost Hi Hugo, One of our members @Expat1975 mentioned that he bought a new computer and is using Google Chrome, and this site always comes with a not secure warning now. Would you know why that might be? No one else seems to be having the problem, at least it hasn't been reported before.

@PletchaPJWebb @Expat1975 please ask what is the URL he is using to access the site? With or without www?

@PletchaPJWebb @mastohost @Expat1975 I'll take a look too later today. I just bought a Chromebook a few weeks ago. One thing though, since the Chromebook can also use Android apps, an alternative is to use Tusky, the Android client. Works well for me.

@PletchaPJWebb @mastohost @Expat1975 but as far as the not secure issue goes, all sites that use HTTP only, not https, will show not secure. It's a new labeling thing Google deployed in Chrome back in late July. It doesn't actually mean anything has changed on a site, it's just a warning.

@TechieInAK @PletchaPJWebb @Expat1975 but has a valid TLS certificate and should only be accessed via https.

@mastohost @PletchaPJWebb @Expat1975 I just checked on my Chromebook and yes, it is. So, must be some other issue then?

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