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Uhgggg. I hate being sick. Someone, make it stop. Lol.

It's my birthday give me BOOSTS

I am forty years old today, I can't believe it, and I'm so glad to have met all of you wonderful people of all ages 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

FairyBlight - Chapter 36 by @triptych #wattpad I just released a new chapter of FairyBlight!

Flight of the Scions 37: Distant Threats #Action #YoungAdult #Patreon #OneDollarPatreon

As the three rest on the side of the river, Damagar projects a threat to KanΓ©ko. Either she kills Ruben or the creature kills her parents.

Friends! I am so surprised that within only a few days of sharing my first book on wattpad that I am actually #49 in rankings there. That just means I will reach my readers. So excited!!! 😁 🀩

99cent sale through Dec. 10
Regular $9.99
KIRKUS: "Dazzling, richly textured YA debut!"
"This is a rare it for your young teens, and be prepared to talk about this book on a long car ride." Goodreads
100+ 5β˜… Reviews on Amazon
KIRKUS: "A dazzling, richly textured YA debut."

Flight of the Scions 35: Setting Sail

Tempers fray as they struggle to translate Ruben's designs into reality.

The Cleopatra (UBL, Amazon

[Sophie said] "...I want you to have an active role in this, embrace your future before you succumb to it. I want you to unsheathe the woman who will have her first taste of your delicious body.” I swallowed hard, trying to keep my heart out of my throat. I could barely keep my fingers from fumbling as I lay hold of the two delicate slices of fabric intersecting either side of her thighs.

The only difference between demons and angels is the choices they make...

Lauren finds that to be little comfort.

The Gospel of Lizzie (UBL, Amazon

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