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I have a new book out! Frost and Desire, an M/M fantasy romance! Sorcerors! Doing terrible things and then struggling to fix them! It's fun. n_n

Book launch post:

Buy link:

Flight of the Scions 41: The Germudrir Pack #Action #YoungAdult #Patreon #OneDollarPatreon

Returning back to the mill, KanΓ©ko finds the remains of a battle with most of the pack already captured. Maris, on the other hand, hasn't given up as she duels with Sinmak, the man responsible for Kan

β€œBut why would they be afraid of us? We have no powers.”

β€œOf course we don’t,” she says, looking away from me. β€œBut the humans do not understand that. They fear that their men will be overcome with madness and dive into the depths of the water to make a bride of one of us, finding only death instead. And then they blame us, as men have always blamed women, for prompting their lust, for fuelling their insatiable greed for something they cannot have.”

~ from The Surface Breaks by Louise O'Neill

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I’m cat sitting two cats for a neighbor and I’ve been bringing Dog with me. Dog thinks all cats are her friend. The cats don’t know about this.

Today. One of the cats let me pet on him and even let Dog sniff him, so progress!

Just have the coax the other one out.

Dog is good though. She doesn’t chase cats, doesn’t react to being pawed, and lays down the moment a cat gets nervous, using her long legs as a way to get closer instead of her face.

New Years has always been an interesting day for me, because it’s actually my birthday. πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‚

So happy birthday to everyone born today!

And happy New Years to everyone else!

Enjoy and may this year be everything you hope for.

#HappyNewYears #birthday

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