@LynnLamb Thanks so much, Lynn, I'm delighted to honored in this super way! To show my appreciation, I'm offering a 2 for 1 Giveaway this week. My latest release is called Sharing Sea Glass~ Purchase this new novella at amzn.to/2NnExy9 Contact me with the transaction ID & your email address and I'll happily gift you the $0.99 story of your choice, (excepting the Collections). Sound Great? You can click my Amazon link up there ^^ for the info via Lynn to select your free book! Hugs!

Hey y'all my friend Ripley Storm is doing an art stream rn, check them out, mb subscribe if you like what she's doing and want to do them a favor.

Mb...tell them she should get a masto acct/instance. Poor girl is stuck on birdsite.

(I'm not making typoes btw, Ripley uses she/them. No "her".)


"We all need to read some feel-good stories from time to time & Flying Upright is definitely one of those. If the author's intent w/her novella is to entice the reader into accessing more of her work, then she can consider it a job well done." amzn.to/2FvEHjR

Dissonance of the Dead 🎻
You Never Know Who You'll Meet When You're Dead!
Opus of the Dead Series, Book 2 is coming along well. I can't wait to get into the hands of my readers!
Read Best Selling Lullaby of the Dead Today!

@LynnLamb Sometime my characters very much so come to life and I just sit and take dictation. Other times it feels like I'm shoving a puppet across a stage desperately trying to get them to come to life. I definitely prefer for the characters to take on life and contribute but some just don't. As for gender, I've written both men and women though, inevitably, my women tend to come out a bit tough and masculine (though, most of my characters are aliens, criminals, assassins, etc. so it works).

@LynnLamb Good question. Actually, I have a hard time writing men. They tend to feel flat, basic, predictable. For men, I usually need to establish some kind of specific attribute so they don't become just a bland 'everyman' kind of character.

Good afternoon all you buzy beez, just wanted to say hello and still finding my feet here and working my way through connecting and following.
Hope everyone is having a stress free day ☺


The Survivor Diaries is a timely dystopian series covering the years after a global nuclear war. It is the thought provoking, heart wrenching epic of one woman's determination to keep a group of survivors afloat in a nightmarish reality. Join them as they dredge the frozen landscape of the nuclear winter hoping to find any semblance of a life.

Hey Peeps! THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER has been selected as a Golden Quill Fantasy Semifinalist! Now, we need your help to reach the finals!
Please click on the link below and vote for THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER by adding the title in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
Thanks so much for your support!


Hey all, if I miss anyone on follows, please feel free to follow me, I will follow back when I have time. I am not ignoring you, just writing and managing a brood of kids... oh and a husband. Mustn't forget about him. hahahah

Your path has already been chosen for you. How you walk upon it is still up to you. - amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LVW83O7

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