Open the book to see.
How much fun it can be.
To explore the unknown.
Do I hear a big groan?
Just you wait and see
how right I can be.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

Is this banner better than the one before? They both refer to reading.

The book waits in the pile.
They're lined up single file.
It wants to come home with you.
It's a gem among the few.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

I created new banners for my book. Do you like them dark and creepy or light and fun? I've been alternating. These are just a few.

I left out the credit for the picture. It isn't mine.

I've been trying out different types of poetry this week.


I’m having a bad dream,

no, maybe a nightmare,

of a washing machine.

It wakes me up at night.

It rumbles and whispers.

I hope it won’t take flight.

It’s moving and grooving

to a beat of its own,

that is far from soothing.

It’s a horrible sight.

A machine set to hard.

It’s ready for a fight.

I scream into my pillow.

“My clothing is all too clean,”

then I weep like a willow.

Does anyone know what happened to Creator Collabs? I love the site. I share my posts through a barter system. It's gone like its predecessor, Co-Promote.

I thought I'd share some of my spring fever.


I am hiding being green.

On this leaf, I won’t be seen.

Feet sliding in the dew.

Orange eyes watching you.

I bet you can’t spot me.

I am one with this tree.

photo by myblogaboutanimals Deactivated

One from the dark side.

They come from the deep.

They come when you sleep.

On waves of ice and stone,

They’ll burn you to the bone.

Fire burns hot in the ice.

It doesn’t feel so nice.

When it hits your body,

Time for them to party.

The Dead love to eat.

Humans their best treat.

Stay far from the shore,

Or they’ll ask for more.


photo by Isleofskye
Aquatic Blue

@PletchaPJWebb @JulieAnn
This is what happens when I try to go light. I'll stick to my dark poems.

photo by kira-vera

Let’s have a happy day

no matter what people say.

Put on a happy face

and pick up the slow pace.

Turn that frown upside down,

can’t let life bring us down.

I like the way my dark poetry fits with the dark theme of this site.


His hand reaches for me.

He wants me for The Dead.

I won’t yield to his call.

He wants me in his bed.

I’m surrounded by his kind.

Their cries echo in the night.

He swoops closer from the sky.

Oh, what a beautiful sight.

He’s a creature of the night.

I’m crazy to want him so.

I can’t resist his sad face.

He is not a friend but a foe.


Down the rabbit hole we go.
Far down beneath the earth’s surface.
Where The Dead wait for their savior.
Arms extended.
Reaching for us.
Mouths held open in silent cries.
As we fall farther.
Past the point of no return.
THE DEAD GAME by Susanne Leist

It worked! I added a hashtag. Do we use hashtags here?

I'm going to try a post about my book.

The house comes alive.
I hope we survive.
by Susanne Leist

After so many problems with Safari, I'm off it. Now I'm using Google Chrome. All my sites load faster.

Hi, I'm also into dark fantasy. Anything dark catches my attention.

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