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If you're feeling stuck, try to mix it up. Throw in something unexpected. You never know what could happen.

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I use every break I can to write during the workday. It helps me reach my daily goals most days. Make the most of the time you have.

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Your goal is not to create the Interstate of novels. No, a dusty gravel road full of potholes is just fine. Just get that story written, flaws and all. Then you can go back and pave it later, add street signs, lights and all that.

Are you participating in this year? Looking for and ? Check out for support throughout your journey, plus drawings for books and other services specifically for you, the writer.

Plus, premium access to the Online Writing Log throughout the month of November.

I've had a lot of great feedback this past year as I've been writing The Descent. Is it worth reading? I'll let my readers feedback speak for itself. :)

My story The Descent is on the shortlist for the Wattys 2018, the Wattpad annual fiction contest.


To give you an idea of the total field, the longlist consists of 247 stories out of 362,000 entries!!

If I could actually keep this pace when writing, I'd be a novel producing monster.

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Watching some Lost in Space. Taking a night off from thinking about writing. May even do some gaming. Everyone else is sleeping. Maybe that's what I should be doing?

Chapter 53.1 of The Descent has been posted on - find out what happens after the emergency evacuation.Will they all make it and catch the perp?

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