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Flawed Gods by Angela B. Mortimer has been selected as one of the 100 Indie Books You Should Read Before You Die. Read about it here: calebandlindapirtle.com/86848-

Dissonance of the Dead 🎻
You Never Know Who You'll Meet When You're Dead!
Opus of the Dead Series, Book 2 is coming along well. I can't wait to get into the hands of my readers!
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Yesterday I put my new book on Smashwords as I always do. From there it goes to IBooks, Barnes &Noble, Kobe & others. The fat controller, is hurting rather than helping us Indies. I can't post reviews on US or AU only UK & I wonder when they'll stop that. They've wiped some of mine too. Why not help people who help us instead? I sell more books through IBooks than there. Have a look & think about it-we should try something different, those who will welcome, not abuse us.

great i have worked out what to do on my iPad...my password still not working but I'm still able to get in so I've no excuse now

Ps I am hindered by not being able to get in via my tablet just my pc oh for an app lol

Hello everyone, Just saying sorry I've been away, this latest book is taking awhile. I have been getting important notifications by email via bookbeez thanks Pletcha. I've just got to fit this in to my daily schedule and I'll get the hang of it

The Survivor Diaries is a timely dystopian series covering the years after a global nuclear war. It is the thought provoking, heart wrenching epic of one woman's determination to keep a group of survivors afloat in a nightmarish reality. Join them as they dredge the frozen landscape of the nuclear winter hoping to find any semblance of a life.

🥀What Fresh horror Is This?🥀
Dissonance of the Dead
Make sure to catch up on the Opus of the Dead Series, Book One, Lullaby of the Dead!

I created new banners for my book. Do you like them dark and creepy or light and fun? I've been alternating. These are just a few.

Thanks to Lynn Lamb for her help with fixing my stuff up and glad to be here at last. Lynn and Pletcha you are the best.


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