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KIRKUS: "Dazzling, richly textured YA debut!"
"This is a rare book...buy it for your young teens, and be prepared to talk about this book on a long car ride." Goodreads
100+ 5★ Reviews on Amazon
KIRKUS: "A dazzling, richly textured YA debut."
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Thank you , Lynn and BookBeez! So happy to be Author of the Week! To celebrate this honor, I have 10 free Audible codes (5 for Amazon US and 5 for Amazon UK) for my other book, Faking Lucky by Q. D. Purdu. First ten to DirectMessage a request get them! WARNING: Faking Lucky is NOT YA. It is a steamy, adult, contemporary romance.

BookBeez is pleased to announce the Author of the Week is Brenda Vicars! Find out more about her books at amazon.com/Brenda-Vicars/e/B00


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