“Wow! I love dystopian novels and this book was amazing. Some really great writing and the story flowed. If you enjoyed the Wizard of Oz, The Hunger Games and LOTR then you'll love this book”. WHAM! 2.99 getBook.at/8ba

Let your imagination soar to new heights with a complete for a mere getBook.at/1a

“Elf Killers is about death … and life. Seriously imaginative (especially troll-speak!) and gritty in action and battle, this is worth a read … but be prepared! Oh, be prepared. I dare you to grab a copy!” 2.99 getBook.at/1e

"If you're looking for a ghost story with horrifying scenes, entwined with romance then this is the book for you." Amazon Review

Black magic step-queen - check
Princess locked in tower - check
Brave night - check
Traditional fairy-tale - no
There's more than one reason to lock a girl up in a tower. Sometimes it has more to do with protecting the kingdom than protecting her virginity. Side-note: Stroma is a real island off the coast of Scotland picked specifically because it has all the features necessary for the story. I love it when things come together.

The last book written, but the first in the series. Jeremy, a 90's teenage boy, is stalked by a vicious magical kelpie disguised as a car. His only hope for survival is a woodland fairy who works for the US state department under shadowy pretexts. The book floats between time periods as the history of interaction between fairies and humans is revealed alongside the modern tale.

Direct sequel to 'Legend of Layla' focuses on the world's only vampire, Layla, desperately trying to keep it that way no matter how badly others seek to use her disease for military applications.

🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 for FOUR O'CLOCK ALICE! "Suspenseful, Intriguing, Captivating Adventure!"
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🎻"I cradled her blue face and rocked her in a macabre, soundless lullaby of the dead. As the others tried to help, I protected her from their sight. It was a moment that should have been private—not shared with gawkers."

Because people do judge a book by its cover!
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