A Chaos Magic Novel

A young mage of Chaos, disillusioned with the world, decides to plunge into a journey of self-knowledge called 'Breaking the Ego', which provides for an exchange of beliefs, 'follow and believe the contrary of your convictions.'


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People who ask why is my writing is so bleak have probably not been to Indiana lately...

Hi, I need help with a scape scene. My characthers (a couple) was in a Hotel, surrounded by cops.
I look for some scape scenes tutorials but found nothing.

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The Cleopatra is now up and live (UBL, Amazon

Had a lot of fun with this one, especially the slight 'gender-bender' nuances of a time period when men passively wait for women to make the first romantic move. See it at the links above. - 'one of the most profoundly affecting books you'll read.' the women of Auschwitz - a fictional tales inspired by a terrible truth.

Does selling your books globally in multiple languages, with ease and no upfront cost, sound exciting?


Mauricio Campos presents us with the highest level of artistic and fictional creation, in Urban Mosaics that aims to a light at the end of the tunnel by focusing the several current troubles faced by the civilization and its discontents, forecast by men and women that forged psychoanalysis, in the late nineteenth century.

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I'm changing my website and needed a Book Beez Hive icon that matches Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. I created this one here, what do you think?🐝

I MAY HAVE GOOD NEW FOR AUTHORS! COMPETITION FOR AMAZON! Apparently, Walmart and Kobo are merging to sell eBooks and Kobo readers. It's been very hush hush as to the date, but it's believed to be the 21st of this month. Here's the link:

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